Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cean Carpet? What's that?

So, I have officially gone off the deep end! My husband and I are preparing for his parents arrival this weekend. For some reason I got an itch this morning to steam clean the carpets?! What is wrong with me? It's 100 degrees out and I sure could have found something better to do with my time! It's been awhile since the in laws have been up from Kansas so I wanted to make sure things looked clean! Last year at Christmas my parents got us a steam cleaner for our carpets, I am embarrassed to say that before today I had only used it ONCE! I had told myself that I would use it all of the time when we actually got it. I had plans to get it out after every spill or when I saw the need. What was I thinking? I spent about an hour on our living room carpet and it looks GrEaT, just like new... I have now decided that it really wasn't as bad/hard/time consuming as I once thought it was and have put steam cleaning the carpets on my monthly "To Do" list. It's really amazing how many of the "spots" from sippys that leaked disappeared like magic!! Thanks mom and dad much cheaper than renting the equipment or hiring someone else to do it! All in all I spent approx. $6 on the solution


Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So, I've recently received an e-mail from FrugalDad in regards to CashCrate. I have been a member for awhile but actually forgot I even had an account. He states that a person can earn $10 the first time they log i. I am going back through the site and attempting this again. I will keep you posted on how I do!! For those of you who are interested in what CashCrate is, head on over to FrugalDad where he answers questions people have had. If you would like to join, just follow the link, the more people that follow...the more sign up bonus' I receive!!! :)