Saturday, April 12, 2008

What a Saturday!

I am currently at home with my sick husband sleeping (he worked from 11pm last night two 7am this morning, eventhough he is sick) one year old, who is also sick but thankfully tucked away sleeping at the moment...and my two year old who wants to get out of the house! It is currently blowing this white stuff all around outside, however thankfully it is not stickin and I hear that by Tuesday it is going to hit 70!!! I can't wait!!

Today I am trying to get caught up on laundry and the usual weekly cleaning. Not to mention my daily dose of college! So much for a nice realxing weekend after a long weekend of work!! :)

Now on to the brighter things in life! I recently received a package of diapers (Pampers) free from and get to write a review on them when I am done! I am so excited as this is my first offer that I have gotten a free item in exchange for my opinion! What a great thing! I am so excited to see what else might come my way this month!


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