Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hy-Vee - Shopping for work

I was asked today to go to the store and get a meal for the students on our dorm (I work for a facility that helps juvenile delinquent males and females). I am often asked to go on these runs as I generally spend less than the average person that does not use a budget. So, I went out to the store with a $100 budget to feed 40 people lunch at the zoo tomorrow and a snack. This would have come out to about $2.50 per person, which I thought was pretty good. However after going through the checkout, I came up with a grand total of...get this...$75.50, which comes up to about 1.89 per person. I don't know about you, but I was proud to bring back the receipt to my supervisor. He looked and me and the first thing he asked was if I forgot something! HA! If only he knew how easy it was!!!

Some of the great prices at Hy-Vee I got were:

Bread $0.79 (haven't seen that price in awhile)
Bottled Water $2.79 for a 24 pack!! WOW!
80 Slices of cheese for $5.99
10 pounds of ham for 12.99 (shaved thin for sandwiches)

Not that being frugal matters to a multi-million dollar company, but my supervisor was impressed! :)


Monday, May 19, 2008


So, I was a little skeptical when signing up with Ebates, as I really don't understand where the money they are paying their customers comes from, however...I'm sold on it now!! I have only made one purchase online since I signed up and just got a check for a little over $21 in the mail!!! How exciting!! I just made another purchase from Oldnavy.com the other day, so my account is going to get added to again! Nothing like free money!!


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Long time...

It has been such a long time since I have had the chance to get on this thing and get to work!! There are so many things going on in our neck of the woods this time of year that I am meeting myself coming and going. There are some major things that we have accomplished over the past couple of weeks, the first being getting all of our clothing changed out! What a chore, although I have to admit that I love love love spending time cleaning out the drawers in order to bring in the "new" or not so new but newly unpacked from totes! We have also begun planting our garden for the year, planted a ground covering on our "cave" in the back yard, we have been putting more effort into our yard this year and have several things in the works! I am excited as summer is around the corner and so close I can almot taste it!!

~ Katie

Update - Poop Wars

So, I wish I had better news, however we are still waiting on success with the poop wars!! It's rather sad at this point, my husband and mother have to remind me daily to just let her do it in her own time. Part of our problem is that she is SO strong willed. She has been telling stories with her dolls lately thought telling them they need to start pooping in the "big girl potty", so I remain hopeful!