Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hy-Vee - Shopping for work

I was asked today to go to the store and get a meal for the students on our dorm (I work for a facility that helps juvenile delinquent males and females). I am often asked to go on these runs as I generally spend less than the average person that does not use a budget. So, I went out to the store with a $100 budget to feed 40 people lunch at the zoo tomorrow and a snack. This would have come out to about $2.50 per person, which I thought was pretty good. However after going through the checkout, I came up with a grand total of...get this...$75.50, which comes up to about 1.89 per person. I don't know about you, but I was proud to bring back the receipt to my supervisor. He looked and me and the first thing he asked was if I forgot something! HA! If only he knew how easy it was!!!

Some of the great prices at Hy-Vee I got were:

Bread $0.79 (haven't seen that price in awhile)
Bottled Water $2.79 for a 24 pack!! WOW!
80 Slices of cheese for $5.99
10 pounds of ham for 12.99 (shaved thin for sandwiches)

Not that being frugal matters to a multi-million dollar company, but my supervisor was impressed! :)


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The Little Window Shoppe said...

Wow! You are good! I am impressed. Do you write tips and ideas for how to shop that way? :)