Monday, August 25, 2008

Keeping the littleones busy!

Our babysitter was off both on Thursday and Friday, when I'm home with our two little girls I find that things go a lot smoother if I have something new and fun planned each day. To go along with Amy's Notebook experiments over at I decided to make some edible play-dough (peanut butter edition). Let me tell you that the girls had a blast, while eating snack and playing with play-dough. I did not have my camera handy to snap a shot of them, however let me see if I can paint you a picture.

I am about to the end of my rope separating the girls ages 2 1/2 and 1 1/2. The oldest one loves to be independent and boss the youngest around. The littlest likes to follow her big sis around and copy everything that she does....needless to say, a few hours of un-organized play is enough to do them both in.

As I stated above, I have decided that having a planned activity besides the typical going to the park, going out back on the swing set, going on a walk, etc.

So I was searching around Amy's notebook experiments earlier in the week trying to find something that would be fun for the girls. I came up with a simple recipe with powdered sugar (2 cups), peanut butter (1 cup), and honey (1/4 cup) I let the oldest help me mix it, she kept asking me if we were making cookies, when I told her it was play dough she looked at me like I was crazy!! I got out some old cookie cutters and they had a blast flattening it, eating it, shaping it, eating it, rolling it out, eating it.... :) So that's it for my experiment! It was great! The girls loved it! I had some moments of non-fighting...if you want to call it that!


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Amy said...

Yummy! I would love to eat that myself!

Thank you so much for participating!